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How To create a image from Linux commandline


Linux provides an convert command to add any text on an image. In order to use this command you need to install ImageMagick package on your system.

To create a image with a white background:

convert -size 640x480 xc:white empty.jpg

Here the size of the imge is specified using -size

To create a 32x32 image with a transparent background:

convert -size 32x32 xc:transparent empty.jpg

Add Text to image

convert -pointsize 20 -fill blue -draw 'text 200,460 "Here is the TEXT"' empty.jpg image-with-text.jpg

In this command

  • text 200,460 is used to spefiy the exact location of text in the image
  • -fill blue tell the text color

Generate a dummy Image with Text

The command parameters are changed to generate a image with text itself

convert -size 640x480 xc:white -pointsize 20 -fill black -draw 'text 200,460 "Here is the TEXT"' image-with-text.jpg
  • -size 640x480 tells the image size to be generated
  • xc:white or -background white can be used to tell the image background color

Alternate method to create a dummy image

convert -size 640x480 xc:White \
  -gravity Center \
  -weight 100 -pointsize 80 \
  -annotate 0 "This\nIs\na Image" \
  • -font helvetica can be used to tell the font type


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