thalib Engineer/Designer

Old Liabilities and New Asset


Today November 2016, Its almost end of the year. The change is around every where, and its coming. Here I am not going to scare you that some thing is coming and that will be threat to your life, but warn everyone including me.

Old ideas are biggest liabilities, new knowledge is your asset

Old ideas may have worked the way of doing something was an asset yesterday, but not today and anymore, because

yesterday is gone.

Here the asset what I mean is

  • for individuals they are soft skills, technical skill, etc.
  • for companies its their business model, product, work-flow or even company culture.

The world is rapidly changing in the blink of an eye. Those who change and adapt themselves and become a new kind of beast will survive and the rest will be left-out.

This is not new, it happens every time again and again periodically. It happens to the software giants. But this time its going to be somewhat big and affecting wide range of sectors and peoples. In the race to survival everyone may try to be selfish (but it is normal).

Here are some example

  • Once software giants like Microsoft, Adobe and Auto desk are no more software companies, instead their business model is now SaaS.
  • IBM once know for hardwares is now pure software and services company
  • Intel lost battle to ARM and now cat on the wall
  • HP’s hardware empire is collapsing, lost its market capital value over years

The list can keep going. Major effect may come to Programmer, Drivers, Auto Makers.

Only thing that is permanent is change, it keep on changing. Until dust settles down there will be some chaos.

All the best to all in the race.