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Tipu Sultan restored Hindu temple that were destroyed by Marathas

Marathas attacking temples during war was not new, remember attack and looting Sringeri monastery on 1791 and Tirupati shrine in 1759 .

In 1791 the Marathas under the command of Raghunath Rao Patwardhan invaded the Mysore district of Bednur to sacked the Sringeri monastery which was under Tipu’s rule.

Sringeri monastery was no ordinary place of worship. It had been founded a thousand years before by

the father of Hindu Adviata philosophy, Adi Shankaracharya.

The monk set up an abbey in each corner of the subcontinent:

  • Shringeri in the South
  • Puri in the East
  • Dwaraka in the West
  • Joshimath in the North.

Marathas sacked the temple because it was so wealthy

the first time it was to see such a calamity in its millennia-long history.

The Marathas stripped the monastery of its considerable wealth, killed many Brahmin’s and desecrated the idol of the temple’s presiding deity, the goddess Sharada.

After the attack, the Swamy, who fled the sack, wrote urgently to Tipu asking for his help in reconsecrating the idol of Sharada. The Sultan also made monetary arrangements for the consecration of the Goddess and also sent along his token gifts for the idol.

Did he destroy temples

He demolished the Varaha Temple, which employed the boar symbol of the Mysore dynasty that he had replaced. Which is common practice of any king to erase the symbols of past dynasty.

But let other temples in his kingdom remain unmolested. The proof is around you

how many century old temples still stand in the parts ruled by Tipu.

Tipu donated to Hindu temples

Tipu patronized a number of powerful Hindu temples. He donated silver vessels to the Sri Ranganatha temple in his capital and even ordered the

installation of a jade linga, Shiva idol at the Nanjundeshwara temple at Nanjangud.

Did Tipu kill Hindu ?

Tipu killed Muslim’s Hindu and Christian who were Deshdrohi’s (traitors). These Deshdrohi whoever it may be were loyal to East India Company armies.

In 1789, the British (East Indian Company) teamed up with their allies, the Marathas and the Hyderabad Nizam against the king of Mysore, Tipu Sultan.

Sill Hindu’s are the major population

Do you know who is CM of Tipu’s Govt ?

Those who say that Hindu’s were persecuted by Tipu let know that, Tipu’s right-hand man, in fact was a Hindu

Purnaiya, his chief minister.

Imagine in modern time Hindu person given the second most important person in the Pakistan government.

Who are the real traitors?

Those who call Tipu killed Hindu are from the same gang who killed the father of our Indian Nation

The real traitor are those evil minds who are threat to communal harmony

With the rise of Hindutva in Karnataka in the 1990s, Tipu’s image was sought to be changed from a secular freedom fighter to Muslim tyrant.


There is no doubt that Tipu committed, what would be by modern standards, atrocities and war crimes. But so did the Marathas.

Read the real history of Marathas, you will find how evil they were. Even today the Marathi peoples are arrogant and evil beings.