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RIPAmma - Death of J Jayalalithaa, marks the end of an Era Tamil Nadu History


The Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa popularly know as Amma was announced to be passed away at 11:30 PM, 5th Monday, 2016 at the age 68.

Tamil Nadu was always a peaceful state under Amma. Amma pioneered plenty of PRO-poor schemes from canteens and salt to water bottles and maternity kits, and many more. Surely here life is lesson for all

Her life is lesson for all men and womens on HOW TO face failure upon failures, betrayal, shame but finally fight back and win.

Amma made history and she is no more among us, May here soul rest in peace. #RIPAmma

But death of Amma, is not just end, but it marks the end of era in the history, and the start of new era.

  • for peoples will there be any new leader for them
  • for opponents it is the loss of strong and powerful leader

Questions and Doubts

70 days Hospitalization, following Death, Mourning, last rites and post burial creates lots of question and doubts, here are some and post developments

  • Why no one allowed to visit Amma when she was hospitalized, evenAmma relative
  • Urgent Meeting of MLA’s in 11AM and 5 AM
  • Death announcement at 5:30PM, later recalled (Really the plan was done earlier)
  • No Ministers or Sasikala did not cried, (compared to when Amma was on Jail)
  • Swearing in ceremony of new CM and minister happened @ 1.30 am, just two hours after Amma’s death being announced.
  • Also there is question, whether Amma was dead already and the body was preserved