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No Terror Threat on December 6, 2016


This year in December 6, there is no terror threat, Why ?

Its really surprise to see this year 6th December, 2016. But every year on the same day RAW, NIA etc, used to issue a warring on terror threat, and put entire nation on alert mode. This year its big surprise.

Every year protection and security deployed in

  • Rail Way station
  • Airport (used get 3 layer protection)
  • Police protection for Temples, Churches and Masjids
  • Special protection for special places and localities

But this year

  • No Warning for NIA, RAW and other intelligence network
  • No TV news flashed “Terror threat warning”
  • Neither the newspaper/website had first page covering on Terror threat
  • Media’s were zip lock silent
  • No protection to any of above places
  • No preemptive arrest of Muslim youths

Was lakshare-e thoiba or IM all went on vacation this year ?

This is evidence Muslims are falsely accused for all the terror strikes in India, only the peoples those who have brain can understand. It used be norm for media telling all Muslims are terrorists.

Today I came across similar incident says

Let me watch for the comming years same day (December 6)