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2017 - Important events


January 2017

Bengaluru molestation on the New Year Eve Celebration

In midnight, men in the crowd (~ one lakh+) simply went nuts. Bengaluru’s depraved men started pawing and groping at any girl they could get their hands on. Women ran for their lives.

Since 90s every year incidents of girls being molested have occurred almost every year with unfailing regularity the perpetrators have never been caught. This time in 2017 its a MASS MOLESTATION, there is every indication that the perverts will get away with it.

Rohingya Masacare

The photograph of a baby, belonging to the Rohingya Muslim community of Myanmar, shared on social media recently, is one of them. Its just enough to explain the ground reality.

I am HAPPY he is dead, instead of suffering every day and finding no place to go in this big world.

To God we blong, and to him is our return

Ill treatment and harassment of BSF and CRPF, Army soldries

Army jawan tortured for wiriting complaint to PMO

Lance Naik Yagya Pratap Singh, posted in 42 Infantry Brigade in Dehradun, said that after he wrote to the prime minister, the defence minister, the president and the Supreme Court in June last year, his brigade received a communication from PMO asking for a probe into his grievances.

He said when the Prime Minister’s Office wrote back to the Brigade asking it to investigate the matter, “the Brigadier put pressure on me and tortured me to such a level that I could have taken an extreme step. But I will not commit suicide or act in any way or against anyone that will tarnish the name of my service,” he said.

The video has come to light as two similar clips have been trending on social media.

  • In one of the videos, a CRPF constable demanded parity in pay and other benefits between the army and the paramilitary forces, citing the difficult assignments they had to undertake.
  • In the other video, a BSF constable Tej Bahadur Yadav has complained about poor quality food served to them in icy weather condition on the border in Jammu and Kashmir.

No amount of lipstick can make pig look better. No amount of fake patriotism can hide the fact that our armed forces, BSF and CRPF are as rotten as the rest of the society!

Here is the highlight

PM Modi Replaces Mahatma Gandhi On Khadi Calendar

PM Modi triggered a flurry of reactions after reports emerged that his photograph had replaced an iconic shot of Mahatma Gandhi with his spinning wheel, on the new Khadi Udyog merchandise.

The PM’s photograph – which was published on the cover pages of the Khadi Village Industries Commission’s (KVIC) 2017 calendar and diary – shows Modi weaving khadi on a large ‘charkha’, in the same classic pose as Gandhi.

The decision, however, did not sit well with everyone.

 Modi obsessed with foreign cloths

Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed started Swadeshi movement and wore only khadi While Modi ji is obsessed with foreign cloths


Mohsin Shaikh was allegedly targeted over a Facebook post on Shivaji and Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray.

On June 2, 28-year-old Mohsin Shaikh was on his way to dinner with a friend when they were dragged off their motorbike by a group of men (members of Hindu Rashtra Sena) armed with hockey sticks, bats and stones. Mohsin was brutally beaten and was left bleeding and unconscious on the road; his friend escaped.

Three of the 21 arrested (Vijay Rajendra Gambhire, Ranjeet Shankar Yadav and Ajay Dilip Lalge) - were granted bail on 12-Jan-2016 by the Bombay High Court, which says they were “PROVOKED IN THE NAME OF RELIGION AND THEY COMMITTED MURDER.”

HC judge Mridula Bhatkar said in her order

“The fault of the deceased was only that he belonged to another religion. I consider this factor in favour of the accused. Moreover, the accused do not have any criminal record and it appears that in the name of the religion, they were provoked and have committed the murder”.

Lesson learnt

Do NOT trust legal system

Discovery - COW DUNG neutralizes harmful radioactive elements

Rajasthan education minister Vasudev Devnani from BJP has anounced a historic discovery

cow is the only animal that inhales and exhales oxygen

The important discovery is here

COW DUNG neutralizes harmful radioactive elements.

Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Finally Called Off

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 carrying 239 people on board vanished from civilian radar in the early hours of March 8, 2014.

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was finally called off on 17th Jan 2017 after nearly three years spent combing the desolate Indian Ocean and its deep seabed, leaving one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time unsolved. The governments of Malaysia, Australia and China, said crews had finished an underwater sweep of a 46,000-square mile zone of seabed without finding the missing Boeing 777, had cost around $150 million but failed to even locate the plane.

Humans know very little about the world in this 21 century.


Protests are on high swing, this time its by all (youths, political parties, celibs and more)


Kariselkulam in Madurai district defied the Supreme Court’s ban and conducted the jallikattu. Twenty two game bulls and over 50 bull tamers participated in the event.

I don’t understand why should, we need permisson from Supreme Court

  • In most of the places this year, Jallikattu2017 was conducted despite the ban
  • Many Youths and students arrested by police
  • Over 3,000 Protest At Chennai’s Marina Beach Supporting Jallikattu
  • So far the Kollywood was mount shut, but they joined the bandwagon, voicing their support for jallikattu.
  • The BJP’s State president Tamilisai Soundararajan takes U Turn: Earlier on January 14, she said the Tamil Nadu BJP is committed to conducting jallikattu across the State. But today 18th Jan She appeals to students to give up the protests. – dirty politics

The protesters demanded is one

that the chief minister issue a statement to clarify the state’s position on the Jallikattu issue and added that the protest will not cease until such a time.

It looks like Tamil Nadu version of the Arab Spring, or it may even remind you of the anti-Hindi agitation in the state in the 1960s. It is happening students and youngsters are on the roads and public places demanding the conduct of jallikattu, the traditional bull-taming sport in the state.

This year Pongal2017 was diffrent for diffrent location, some placess where peoples were not allowed to conduct Jallikattu, some where small violence and lathi charge.

Tamil Nadu your identity is erassed slowly.

Chash withdrawl limit upgraded,

From 16th Jan, the ATM withdrawl limit is set to Rs 10,000 from Rs 4,500. But still the weekly widthdrawl limit is Rs 24,000.

IMF cuts India’s growth rate to 6.6% due to note ban

The IMF today cut India’s growth rate for the current fiscal year to 6.6 per cent from its previous estimate of 7.6 per cent due to the “temporary negative consumption shock” of demonetisation, days after the World Bank also decelerated India’s growth estimates.

Donald Trump Sworn in as the 45th president

Donald John Trump was sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States, taking office on a day that has featured smaller crowds and more subdued ceremony than previous inaugurations - but still ushers in a transformative shift in the country’s leadership.

Trump, 70, was administered the oath by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. His wife Melania Trump stood at his side. The oath was given using two Bibles - one from President Lincoln’s inauguration, and another that Trump’s mother gave him in 1955.

Speeding BMW car rammed into Uber cab at 100-125 kmph

This is almost second similar incident, perviouly a speeding car rammed into a Autorixa and killed every one.

Delhi Police has said that Shoaib Kohli (a 24-year-old analyst with a multinational food firm based in Gurgaon) was driving his BMW car at a speed of at least 100 kph when he crashed into an Uber cab killing its driver in south Delhi on Sunday. Kohli, a 24-year-old analyst with a multinational food firm based in Gurgaon, was arrested on Monday afternoon from his home in Panchsheel Park. He was released on bail late in the night.

The accused (Shoaib Kohli) was driving BMW at a speed of 100-125 kph while the WagonR was barely moving at 40-50 kph. That stretch of the road is not such that you can drive at a high speed

WagonR driver, Nazrul Islam (32), was found dead after the crash near Munirka flyover around 11.30pm on Sunday. Even as the locals gathered to revive Islam, Kohli managed to flee from the spot in an auto-rickshaw, leaving behind his mangled car.

The highlight is

Accident happened on Sunday. Shoaib Kohli, was arrested on Monday afternoon from his home in Panchsheel Park. He was released on bail late in the night. How fast the law is working for money.

Nothing will happen to the accused, as Corrupt Police and Money licking Judiciary will support him.

Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries

JAN. 27, 2017: President Trump on Friday closed the nation’s borders to refugees from around the world, ordering that families fleeing the slaughter in Syria be indefinitely blocked from entering the United States, and temporarily suspending immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries.

In an executive order that he said was part of an extreme vetting plan to keep out “radical Islamic terrorists,” Mr. Trump also established a religious test for refugees from Muslim nations: He ordered that Christians and others from minority religions be granted priority over Muslims.

“We don’t want them here,” Mr. Trump said of Islamist terrorists during a signing ceremony at the Pentagon. “We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country, and love deeply our people.”

Mosque Burns in Texas, US

US mosque is destroyed by fire just hours after Donald Trump’s Muslim ban

An early-morning fire Saturday destroyed a Texas mosque that was a target of hatred several years ago and experienced a burglary just a week ago. A clerk at a convenience store spotted smoke and flames billowing from the Islamic Center of Victoria at around 2 am and called the fire department.

The best thing is here

Following the news of mosque distruction, the Islamic Centre of Victoria set up an online donation drive via GoFundMe to rebuild. It has raised more than $600,000 of its $850,000 goal in 24 hours and keep going.

Apart from Muslims, Most of the donors are Cristians, Jews, Atheist and peoples of non-muslim faith.

Shooting in Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, Canada during evening prayers

29th Jan: Gunmen fired on about 50 people inside the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre on Sunday at 8pm local time (01:00 GMT). At least eight people were also wounded in the incident.

Canada’s prime minister has said a shooting at a Quebec City mosque that killed five people was a terrorist act.

February 2017

Superpower clean oil spill using bucket

Two shipping collied near Ennur port, Chennai, which caused oil spill. India porojected to becomming a supper power, is cleaning oil spill using bucket, world has to learn from india

Union Budget 2017

1s Feb, the Budget 2017 was announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. There was much expectations from people of every walk, but the expectation turned disappointment after the budget.

V.K.Sasikala set to become Tamil Nadu Chief Minister

Exactly two months after Jayalalithaa’s death, her long-time friend and AIADMK general secretary V.K. Sasikala was “unanimously” elected leader of the Legislature Party at a meeting in the party headquarters here on Sunday, paving the way for her to become the third woman Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. (As per the constitutional mandate, she has to get elected to the Assembly as a legislator within six months of taking charge as Chief Minister.)

Oops, என் ஓட்டு உனக்கில்லை என்ற பாடலுடன் போயஸ் கார்டன் நோக்கி பாடகி சோபியா அஷ்ரப் மற்றும் அவரது இசைக் குழுவினர் நடை பயணம்

Gujarat’s Jan Dhan accounts a blind spot for I-T department

Gujarat, which recorded the highest increase in Jan Dhan deposits in the country almost 93.95% not one account holder has been called for verification.

Between November 9 and January 25, the state, which has 1.01 crore Jan Dhan accounts, has registered a surge from Rs 1,628.87 crore on November 9 last year to Rs 3,159.28 crore. These accounts have witnessed the highest growth in the country as deposits of Rs 1,530.41 crore was made post demonetization.

குஜராத் ஜன் தன் வங்கி கணக்குகளில் முறைகேடு வருமான வரித்துறை கண்களை மறைத்த ஆச்சர்யம்

Colonel Nizamuddin, Netaji’s trusted friend, dies at 117

Not many have heard about Colonel Nizamuddin, one of the many foot-soldiers from Indian freedom struggle, who died as an unsung hero on Monday morning. On Tuesday, media reports say Nizamuddin died at the age of 117 in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

Born in 1901, Nizamuddin is survived by his wife Ajbul Nisha, three sons and two daughters. His youngest son Sheikh Akram was by his side when the end came in the early hours today. Nizamuddin, who had served in the Indian National Army from 1943-45. Nizamuddin fought for the country’s freedom in Singapore and Burma (now Myanmar) as a soldier in Netaji’s Indian National Army (INA).

He was the trusted driver and bodyguard of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Nizamuddin was the same man who took three bullets to save Netaji in the forests of Burma, according to a report published by The Telegraph.

He accompanied Bose during his meeting with Hitler to seek help to secure freedom for India. He also accompanied Bose during his trips to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Nizamuddin never accepted the theory of Netaji’s death in the Taihoku air crash in 1945. He claimed he had dropped Netaji on the banks of Sitangpur river near Burma-Thailand border after the reported crash. After that, he returned to Rangoon, and settled there after marrying Habibunnisa. He has four sons and three daughters. He worked as a tourist guide in Burma before returning to Azamgarh in 1969.

59 commandos give themselves break to visit home, probe ordered

Fifty-nine newly recruited commandos of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) stunned the brass of India’s largest paramilitary force when they abandoned their journey to the headquarters in Bihar and went home without informing anyone.

The mass bunking by the CoBRA personnel, who were returning from Srinagar after a five-day basic training session, forced the CRPF to order an inquiry into the matter after they didn’t report for duty in Bihar, where they were supposed to be posted in Naxalism-affected areas.

Earthquake of 5.8 magnitude in Uttarakhand

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake rattled Uttarakhand on 6th Feb evening sending tremors all across north India, including Delhi and its adjoining areas, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Luckily, no damage to life or property was reported from Uttarakhand or other parts of north India rattled by the quake epicentered 31km below the earth surface in Pipalkoti near Rudraprayag.

O Panneerselvam vs Sasikala

At 9PM, 8th FebA: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam made his way to Jayalalithaa’s memorial at Marina Beach and sat in silence. That marked the beginning of his unexpected protest.

After sitting in meditation for more than 40 minutes, OPS told waiting journalists that he was practically usurped from his chief ministerial position. He insisted he was Jayalalithaa’s choice for the chief ministerial position and that Sasikala and her supporters threatened and forced him to resign from the CM post.

“I will withdraw my resignation, if people wish… I would fight to save the party and the goodwill of Jayalalithaa’s legacy,” he said.

The scenario is very similar to the winter of 1987-88 following the death of MGR, similar war errupted between Janaki Ramachandran, widow of the late MGR, and Jayalalithaa. We have to wait and watch.

  • Sasikala expels Panneerselvam
  • Sasikala hits back, calls OPS a traitor
  • Supreme Court order Sasikala spend balance 4 years in prision with fine
  • Sasikala re-inducted TTV Dhinakaran and Venkatesh (who were expelled from the party in 2011 by Jayalalithaa)
  • VK Sasikala finally surrendered before the special court in Bengaluru on 15th Feb
  • Court sent Sasikala to Parappana Agrahara Central Jail.
  • VK Sasikala, now prisoner no. 9234 in Bengaluru’s Parappana Agrahara Central Jail
  • E Palaniswamy takes the oath as new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • The governor gave AIADMK leader 15 days to prove majority

Explosion at French nuclear power plant, several injured

The explosion took place at the Flamanville nuclear power plant at around 10 am. Initial reports suggest that the explosion occurred at the engine room of the nuclear plant located on the English Channel coast of France. Flamanville is close to the towns Jersey and Guernsey towns in northern France. Reports also add that the blast took place outside the nuclear zone of the plant and hence there no risk of a nuclear radiation leak. While many injuries are reported, an official confirmation on the same is awaited.

Karnataka assembly passess bill to allow Kambala

Following Tamil Nadu, Karnataka assembly on Monday, 13th Feb passed a bill legalising the conduct of Kambala. The Karnataka High court in 2016 had stayed the buffalo racing sport after PETA in a petition claimed that conducting Kambala was in violation of a 2014 Supreme Court order. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had been vocal about passing a legislation legalising Kambala on the lines of Tamil Nadu assembly passing a bill legalising Jallikattu despite a Supreme Court order banning it. The demand to legalise Kambala, a traditional coastal Karnataka sport grew after Jallikattu legislation by the Tamil Nadu government owing to protests.

Indian Navy says NO to Indian War Planes

India’s navy is in the hunt for a new foreign fighter jet after rejecting an indigenously made aircraft as too heavy, the latest sign of the struggle to get Asian militaries to buy locally to grow their defence industries.

Since 1983, a program to develope the warplane that will backbone of the air force due for induction in 1994, but still India struggles.

Manufacturing state-of-the-art warplanes could still be decades away as India need more time to master the technology.

In December, the navy chief, Admiral Sunil Lanba, said the sea version of the plane was “not up to the mark” and it could not take off from an aircraft carrier once weapons were loaded.

Failed native plane prompted the navy to issue a request last month for information for a foreign fighter to fill the gap, the first stage in a long procurement process.

Like India, South Korea, Taiwan and other Asian countires are intensifing efforts this year to develop indigenous warplanes, Lets wait and see who will and who will not

ISRO launches 104 satellites

India on 15th 2017 created a world record by successfully putting into orbit 104 satellites in a single mission.

With the launch, ISRO surpassed the 37 satellite launch record set by a Russian rocket on June 19, 2014.

Made in India suceess. :)

Vyapam scam: SC cancels degrees of 634 doctors

MBBS admissions in Madhya Pradesh between 2008 and 2012, the Supreme Court cancelled the degrees of 634 doctors on Monday and said admissions obtained through a mass fraud called “Vyapam scam”+ could not be condoned.

Brave Girl Gurmehar Kaur has made the history in the time of oppressive govt.

Gurmehar Kaur is a daughter of Kargil martyr Captain Mandeep Singh was in National news at the end of FEB 2017 for posting a picture on Facebook. Following this she received Rape Threads from ABVP (a students wing of RSS)

[Background]: JNU students Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid were invited to address a seminar on ‘Culture of Protests’ at Ramjas college, later withdrawn by the college authorities following opposition by the ABVP. Following this Ramjas college had witnessed large-scale riot by members of the ABVP againts the students who were protesting.

[Campaign]: Following the violence at Ramjas college, Gurmehar Kaur, a DU student posted a picture on FB holding placard ‘I am not afraid of ABVP’, which went viral and received a massive support from students of various universities.

But the twist is here, BJP and its affliates now took a year old video (Published on 28 Apr 2016) and created big debate to divert the actual issue

To Silence Gurmehar Kaur Viruji, the team started to troll with rape and death threats, among them are BJP minister, Cricketer Virendra Sehwag, actors and so on.

[Rape Threats]: Gurmehar Kaur has received rape threats from ABVP members and other individuals on social media after she changed her profile picture on Facebook, which said, ‘I am not afraid of ABVP’. She approached the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) alleging that she has received “rape threats” allegedly from members of the ABVP after she initiated the campaign against the RSS’ student wing.

“She is a martyr’s daughter. His soul must be weeping that his daughter is being misguided by those who celebrate on the bodies of martyrs,” - BJP Union Minister of State Kiren Rijiju

[Withdraws campaign]

“I’m withdrawing from the campaign. Congratulations everyone. I request to be left alone. I said what I had to say.I have been through a lot and this is all my 20 year self could take :)” - Gurmehar Kaur in tweet

[Teachers and Staffs support Gurmehar Kaur]: The English Department of Lady Shri Ram College has unanimously issued the following statement.

We, the faculty members of the English Department, Lady Shri Ram College unequivocally and strongly support our student Gurmehar Kaur and her right to express her opinion on issues that embroil our university. It is immensely gratifying to us as her teachers that she has responded sensitively, creatively and bravely to events in her immediate context rather than seek the safe refuge of silence. We feel that it is the bounden duty of educational institutions to nurture sensitive, responsive and critical thinking students without the fear of violent retaliation. We are proud that Gurmehar has fulfilled her duty as a young citizen of this country. The threats of violence and brutality that she faces are absolutely reprehensible. Responses on social media by public figures such as Virender Sehwag and Randeep Hooda are shameful trivialization of the intimidation that Gurmehar faces at the hands of violent mobs whose viciousness the university has recently witnessed. We fervently appeal to the good sense of the public and to institutions of redressal to help restore our faith in law and justice in our country and let our young citizens think and articulate without fear of intimidation. - Rita Joshi, Madhu Grover, Rukshana Shroff, ArtiMinocha, Maya Joshi, ShernazCama, Mitali Mishra, Arunima Ray, DiptiNath, Maitreyee Mandal, JanetLalawmpuii, Ngangom Maheshkanta Singh, Karuna Rajeev, Wafa Hamid, Jonathan Varghese, TaniyaSachdeva, Rachita Mittal.

Those who are supporting Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur for her campaign against the ABVP, were pro-Pakistan and should be thrown out of the country - Haryana BJP Minister Anil Vij

Fake Rs 2000 Notes, look it is easy to print new 2000, than previous

SBI ATM in Delhi dispensed four notes of Rs 2,000 with “Children Bank Of India” written on them.

But SBI says

“all notes processed through the state-of-the-art ‘note sorting machines. Thus, no fake note is likely to be dispensed through the bank’s ATMs at any time”

So does this means, It is easy to fool the SBI’s state-of-the-art technlogy.

Aadhaar biometric data breach (privacy concerns)

Aadhaar biometric data breach was detected after UIDAI found multiple transactions done with the same fingerprint, which raised concerns of illegal storage of the data

This comes at a time when the government is pushing for Aadhaar-based transactions to promote its digital mission and the apex court is poised to debate concerns on privacy

Looks like its just begning, will only take some time for clever criminals to figure out,.

Self driving cars are comming soon in India

India could soon see driverless cars on its roads as proposed amendments to the motor vehicles law will empower the government to permit the testing of such vehicles, an area in which companies such as Google, Tesla and Uber are heavily engaged.

Are you driver, then switch to another career. Because you may loose your job to the Automation

HydroCarbon project (formerly known as Methane project)

Famers, peoples, envriomentalist are saying

HydroCarbon Project Biggest Threat To TamilNadu People of Tamil Nadu. HydroCarbon project would ruin ground water and agricultural land in the state.

But BJP says: Do not trust false propaganda against hydrocarbon project

Some vested interests and Left parties were opposing and indulged in spreading false propaganda against the project, which would help to produce clean and green energy, conceptualised by previous UPA government - H Raja, BJP national Secretary

Whis is correct ? but there is a strong opption and protest.

Watch this video, using grabage and waste we can generate more gas at low cost.

March 2017

Banks to charge fees for cash withdrawal

HDFC Bank and Axis Bank implmented fee on cash transactions beyond free limits from March 1. Already you are paying transaction charges for cashless transactions.

Digital India is comming, be ready for more surprices.

Tamil Nadu trade bodies to bycott Pepsi, Coca-Cola

Tamil Nadu Traders Federation (TNTF) and Consortium of Tamil Nadu Traders Association (CTNTA) have urged the traders in the state to shun Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and promote regional brands, Kali Mark, Bovonto and Torino, from 1 March. This move is partly inspired by the jallikkattu protests, which have also been viewed as assertion of the state’s cultural freedom.

Good Job! but on 2nd March The Madras High Court lifted a ban on Coca Cola and Pepsi from using River Tamirparani’s water in Tamil Nadu. The cola giants were stopped from using the river water after protests, four months ago. The argument against the companies were that thousands of farmers are suffering because the river water is being used for commercial gain. The companies, however, said that the water used in manufacturing cola was the surplus.

Hard work is more powerful than Harvard - says Prime Minister Narendra Modi

At an election rally in Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh, on Wednesday, in an apparent dig at economists who have criticised the government’s demonetisation move.

On the one hand are those (critics of note ban) who talk of what people at Harvard say and on the other hand is a poor man’s son who through his hard work is trying to improve the economy - Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Modi’s brings recent GDP figures released by the Central Statistics Office as a proof. Indian economy grew by 7.0% in the December quarter, indicating that the impact of demonetisation was negligible on economic growth.

This clearly shows PM does not know what is GDP, some one needs to explain him what is GDP.

But Pronab Sen, the former Secretary of the Statistics Ministry, points out,

the GDP data is collected at the factory level but did not capture the inventories lying idle at automobile showrooms, departmental stores and other retail outlets. the GDP figures for the January-March quarter will probably reflect the disruption caused by demonetisation more accurately you can only push out so much inventory but if it is piling up in retail stores and not being sold, the factories won’t be able to send out manufactured products. - Pronab Sen told News18,

the real output will come in the up comming quarters

Non-subsidised LPG, prices hiked

Indian Oil Corporation increased non-subsidised cooking gas (LPG) price by a steep Rs 85 per cylinder with effect 1st March.

The hike will be the steepest in the history, Rs 88, in Mumbai, it will be Rs 86 in Delhi and Rs 85 in Kolkata and Chennai per cylinder, a price list on IOC website said. The price difference is due to varying local levies.

Last month, the price of non-subsidised LPG cylinder was raised by Rs 76 per refill.

Jat reservation agitation returns

Jat reservation agitation starts again. If you are the victim of 2016 Jat reservation agitation, you will not forget it, will full of violence, rapes along the high ways. It come again, only God can save peoples.

Rs 1 crore bounty for Kerala CM’s head by RSS leader

Kundan Chandrawat, the RSS Pramukh in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh has held Kerala Chief Pinarayi Vijayan responsible for the killing of its members in the state and has announced a reward of Rs 1 crore for his head, according to a report in Indian Today.

He said he would even sell his property if he has to give the reward for Vijayan’s head. The remarks were made at an event in Ujjain. Kerala has always witnessed political murders, where the RSS-BJP and the CPM have lost several of their cadres.

‘Will the BJP-led government in the state and at the Centre take any action against them? Will they come out and condemn it? [or] it is just free speech.

Army Jawan who complained against sahayak system, found dead mysterious

An army jawan who had been part of a sting operation in February criticising the ‘sahayak’ (orderly) system was found dead under mysterious conditions on Thursday in a barrack in Deolali Cantonment in Maharashtra.

In the video, Mathew had reportedly said that higher officials allegedly mistreated their ‘sahayaks’, and forced them to do petty jobs like polishing shoes, washing clothes and taking their pet dogs for walks.

The alleged sting video, captured through hidden cameras with faces masked, had gone viral on social media networks, as he raised questions on the ‘Sahayak System’.

Oh! this is what Central Govt refering to the sufferings of the army and soldires

BSF Jawan facing presicution by Army

BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav alleges persecution for exposing corruption, seeks PM’s intervention

BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, who in January triggered an uproar by posting a video on Facebook alleging the poor quality of food served, has posted another video. In the new video, Yadav claimed to have been persecuted by the forces for exposing the corruption and has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene.

No Aadhaar No Food

The Union Human Resources Development (HRD) ministry has made it mandatory for all students availing free meals under the mid-day meal scheme to provide proof of Aadhaar cards, or apply for one before June 30. Apart from students, cooks-cum-helpers working at mid-day meal centres as well, need to compulsorily have unique identification. The ministry’s move is in line with the central government’s mandate to link Aadhaar with subsidy schemes.

This is shameful India will deny children food because they don’t have an Aadhaar number. India has the highest number of malnourished children in the world. You would imagine people in the government would be having sleepless nights thinking of ways to improve the nutrition and health of children.

Kerala to ban Pepsi and Coke

After Tamil Nadu, several traders in the state of Kerala have said they would stop sales of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo soft-drinks from March 14, seeking instead to promote local beverages in their stores.

The move follows a drought in Kerala, with traders backing the ban alleging that both multinational companies have been depleting the state’s water resources. Separately, the Kerala government said it plans to restrict the use of groundwater by PepsiCo at Palakkad.

Compassion International to shut down its operations in India

After the Indian government denied the transfer of funds into the country, Compassion International is about to shut down its operations in India next week. The official website of Compassion International says ‘it is a child advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty.

Compassion International has been active in India for almost 48 years but was forced to close its doors after continuous allegations by Hindu extremist groups to converting people to Christianity.

After Narendra Modi government took over, it cancelled the registrations of more than 10,000 non-governmental groups, mostly small ones, in 2015. In 2015, income tax officials also conducted raids seeking evidence that this money was being used to convert Indian families.

“We understand that the B.J.P. and the R.S.S. are tied together somehow, so it seems to us that we also need to be talking to the R.S.S. Wow, am I negotiating with the government or am I negotiating with an ideological movement that is fueling the government? ” - Compassion International President and CEO Santiago Jimmy Mellado.

Lucknow encounter

Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) commandos on early Wednesday morning gunned down a suspected IS operative in an anti-terror operation that lasted for almost 12 hours in the thickly-populated Thakurganj area of Lucknow in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh.

In this encounter Saifullah was killed, he was ISIS sympathies who was killed ‘self-radicalised’, said a senior police official.

Saifullah’s father Sartaj disowend his son saying traitor not my son

“A traitor cannot be related to me, let alone be my son.” - Sartaj

Wikileaks Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

On Tuesday 7 March 2017, WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency.

Swami Aseemanand acquitted in Ajmer blast case

The key accused in the 2007 Ajmer Blast case Swami Aseemanand was acquitted by a special NIA court on Wednesday. The court also gave a clean chit to two other accused. The other three people involved in the case – Sunil Joshi (dead), Devendra Gupta, Bhavesh Patel – have been found guilty and they have been convicted. Patel and Gupta were fined Rs 1 lakh each, the quantum of punishment will be pronounced by the court on March 16.

On October 2007 A blast takes place outside Ajmer’s Dargah shrine of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti that killed three and injured at least 17 people. A second bomb was discovered and defused.

Indian fisherman shot dead by Sri Lankan Navy

On 6th March, 22-year-old Brigdo was shot while fishing in the Palk Strait, allegedly by Sri Lankan naval personnel.

Following this event fishermen from Ramanathapuram, Nagapattinam, Pudukottai, Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Karaikal who are on a strike have decided to go on a fast from 13 March to protest against the action of the Sri Lankan government. The aggrieved family of K. Britjo continued to refuse to accept his body.

FYI: Nearly 900 Indian fishermen were killed in the last 25 years.

Women working in the organised sector will now be entitled to paid maternity leave of 26 weeks, up from 12 weeks, as Parliament passed a bill. The new law will apply to all establishments employing 10 or more people and the entitlement will be for only up to first two children. For third child, the entitlement will be for only 12 weeks.

The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016 was passed by the Lok Sabha today, months after the Rajya Sabha approved the measure that takes India to the third position in terms of the number of weeks for maternity leave after Canada and Norway where it is 50 weeks and 44 weeks, respectively.

The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, protects the employment of women during the time of her maternity and entitles her full paid absence from work, to take care for her child.

Also the bill provides 12 weeks of maternity leave to

  • a woman who legally adopts a child below three months of age
  • a commissioning mother (defined as a biological mother) who uses her egg to have a surrogate child.

Neduvasal protest against Hydro Corbon was Temporarily withdrawn

The 22-day-long mass protest (since 16th February) against the hydrocarbon exploration and extraction project at Neduvasal was Temporarily withdrawn on 9th March after Union Minister of State for Shipping Pon. Radhakrishnan and State Health Minister C.Vijaya Baskar made fervent pleas to the agitators to call off the stir.

On condition

  • Centre would not implement any project that the people did not want
  • MrRadhakrishnan promised to arrange for a meeting between farmers representatives and Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan in New Delhi on March 15 or 16.

The agitation began on February 16 soon after the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the award of the contracts for exploration of 31 contract areas of 44 small oil fields, including at Neduvasal.

Najeeb Ahmad JNU missing student since October 2016

Following a scuffle in the hostel with AVBP members, Najeeb Ahmad disappeared. Since then he was not found. While his mother Fatima Nafees is waiting for the news about him, not knowing whether he is dead or live

Student from Arunachal was forced to lick shoes in Bengaluru

On March 6th, Higio Gungtey [20] second-year BA student at Bengaluru’s Christ College from Arunachal Pradesh is living in Bengaluru. He was thrashed him and forced him to lick his shoes for wasting water by Hemanth Kumar, the landlord. A police complaint was lodged after Forum for Northeast Solidarity was informed about it.

JNU student J Muthukrishnan suicide

14 months after Rohith Vemula’s suicide, J Muthukrishnan [27] alias Rajini Krish (from Tamil Nadu’s Salem district), a Dalit MPhil student at JNU, allegedly committed suicide due to depression on Monday evening. The body of the deceased student, was found hanging from the ceiling of his room in South Delhi’s Munirka area.

As per police: A PCR call was received at 5.05 pm on Monday that a person had locked himself in a room at a house in Munirka Vihar, said a senior police officer. On reaching the spot, the police forced open the door as a portion of the latch was uprooted from inside, he said. A young man was found hanging from the ceiling fan. An investigative team was called at the spot and the scene was inspected and photographed.

In hist last FB post

“Dear anti-nationals, let me tell you, one day this nation’s leader is going to sell all. Just for a selfie and for a standing ovation from the outsiders. Hundreds and hundreds of Appa Raos are going to kill thousands of Rohiths and they are going to say, ‘He/She was a gifted student’. All the intellectuals from the marginalised communities will get arrested just for mocking fictional characters….At the same time, all the leading national institutes will be headed by people who cannot even clear the 10th standard exam. These people claim dissenters are anti-nationals and seditious…They are going to kill many Rohiths, like us, just for eating beef, for being rational, for being intellectually productive for the country. But we are the real sons of this land and after we are all killed, there will be no nation.’’

Only god know what happened.

Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam murdered due to FB post

A member of the Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam, was hacked to death in Coimbatore on Thursday night.

The cause is believed to be an anti-religious message he had posted on Facebook, a social networking site.

Police said the victim, 31-year-old H Farook, received a phone call around 11 pm – following which he stepped out of his house. Soon afterwards, four unidentified men attacked him with sharp weapons. They ran away when the man’s cries for help attracted the attention of local residents.

This incident shows, that we need to be very carfull when posting something in the open net.

Punjab Farmer Became The Owner Of An Entire Train And A Station Cabin

Here is the flashback: In 2007, Singh’s land was acquired by the northern railways for the Ludhiana-Chandigarh railway line. As per the norm, he was entitled to a monetary compensation of ₹1.47 crore. However, the railways paid him only ₹42 lakhs. The court asked the railways to pay the rest in Jan 2015, but they didn’t comply.

Since the Railways delayed the compensation, the court handed over the Swarna Shatabdi Express to Singh. The train runs between New Delhi and Amritsar every day.

This is a historic case, only will happen in movie.

Yogi Adityanath becomes UP CM

After BJP’s triumph in UP. Yogi Adityanath was made as CM by BJP

Assembly Election Results 2017

  • In Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand BJP won with full majority
  • In Manipur, Congress became the leading party, but with other party and independant MLA support BJP formed the goverment.
  • In Punjab the SAD and BJP aliance lost, and Congress won and formed the Govt.
  • In Goa Congress became the leading party, but with other party and independant MLA support BJP formed the goverment.


  • UP peoples of tired of Samajwadi Party Govt, because of thier onside development.
  • BJP is gaining and Congress in losing Manipur
  • BJP lost its position to Congress in Punjab, also AAP is making inroads.
  • BJP may form the Govt in Goa, but the strugle to form govt shows it is loosing
  • The output of election is people are not statisfied with the present govt, thus there is a shif in the voting. Will the political parites understand.

India 122 in United Nation’s World Happiness Report 2017

India has ranked 122nd in the United Nation’s World Happiness Report 2017, dropping four slots from last year and coming behind China, Pakistan, Nepal and Iraq.

Here the abstract of Ranking a total of 155 countries

1. Norway
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Switzerland
5. Finland
80. Pakistan
99. Nepal
97. Bhutan
110. Bangladesh
120. Sri Lanka
122. **India** (listed as the least happy country among the SAARC nations)
147. Yemen (facing impending famine)
147. South Sudan (facing impending famine)
152. Syria (Facing WAR)
155. Central African Republic came last in the World Happiness Report

World Happiness Report 2017

Rs 2 lakh cash transaction limit, Aadhaar must for I-T returns

Cash transactions limit to max Rs 2 lakh from April 1, make biometric identifier Aadhaar mandatory for filing tax returns and allow cheque only contributions to electoral trusts as part of the tirade against blackmoney.

The penalty for violating this is a fine equivalent to the amount of transaction.

India ranked 131 on UN’s Human Development Index

The Human Development Report (HDR) is a measure for assessing progress in three basic dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life, access to knowledge, and access to a decent standard of living. The for 2017 report released by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ranked India in 131 place. India slipped down one place from 130 to 131 among the 188 countries.

India’s human development index (HDI) value of 0.624 puts it in the “medium human development” category, alongside countries such as Congo, Namibia and Pakistan. It is ranked third among the SAARC countries, behind Sri Lanka (73) and the Maldives (105), both of which figure in the “high human development” category. While top three spot goes to Norway (0.949), Australia (0.939) and Switzerland (0.939).

2017 Westminster attack a.k.a London Parliament attack

22 March 2017 a terrorist attack occurred in England, on Westminster Bridge, in Parliament Square and within the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, in central London. The attacker drove a vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and a crowd of people near the palace gates, then fatally stabbed a police officer. The attacker was then shot by other officers. Four people—including two pedestrians on the bridge, the stabbed police officer and the assailant—were confirmed dead

Four people were killed as a result of the incident, including the perpetrator, and at least 40 people were injured.

Anti Romeo Team/Squad

The Anti-Romeo squad set up by the Uttar Pradesh government to fight the menace of eve teasing, right from the onset has been accused of becoming moral police and harassing people in the name of searches.

To be spotted outside a girl’s college in Uttar Pradesh is to invite trouble these days.

Mecca Masjid blast accused Aseemanand gets bail

The mastermind Aseemanand in Mecca Masjid blast case is set out in bail. On May 18, 2007, a bomb blast at the Mecca masjid in Hyderabad during Friday prayers killed 9 and injured 58.

As usual In January 2011, Abdul Kaleem, a 23-year-old was wrongly arrested for Mecca Masjid blast. Kaleem spent one and half year in jail before a court quashed all charges against him.

The bail granted on Thursday 23rd, March to Aseemanand in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blast case.

  • The NIA is unlikely to challenge the bail
  • Aseemanand had been represented by then BJP’s legal cell chief Satya Pal Jain (A former MP, Present Additional Solicitor General and a member of the Law Commission)

This is how Jrudicial System works in India.

Hosni Mubarak: Former President of Egypt walks free after 6 years

Hosni Mubarak (a dictator) become President of Egypt in 1981 when the then head of the state Anwar Sadat was assassinated and remained in power till 2011. In 2011 millions of common Egyptian people took to streets after a vegetable vendor committed suicide alleging harassment by police over license.

In 2012, Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life, but he was cleared of the charges in cases related to deaths of protesters during 2011 unrest in Egypt. Today 24th March 2017 he walked free after spending six years in detention.

No more thrust in any contries Jrudicial System.

The Consitution is under threat - Eminent Jurist Fali Nariman

“The Consitution is under threat. With the massive electoral victory in UP, a priest has been installed as the chief minister at the insistence of the prime minister… is a signal and if you cannot see then either you are the spokespersons of political parties or you must have your head or eyes examined.” - Eminent jurist Fali Nariman

Aadhaar Card mandatory for filing income tax returns and EPF

The Aadhaar Card has been made mandatory in India to file income tax returns or to set up a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from July 1. Aadhaar will also be now mandatory for Employee Provident Fund (EPF) accounts.

Aadhaar Re-Verification for Mobile phone connections

SC passed the order on February 6, providing a deadline of exactly one year — February 6, 2018 — for compliance.

Following this the Central government has made Aadhaar mandatory for verification — and reverification — of mobile numbers, with the exercise expected to be completed by the end of this calendar year.

Gujarat student clash turns communal, one dead and 12 injured

Started as clash between two student ended as comunal clash with 1 person killed and at 12 injured.

Gujarat student clash turns communal, one dead

Vadavali village in Gujarat’s Patan district two students of Class 10 after their Board exams were climbing down the stairs, when one of them fell. This led to an argument that turned physical and other students joined in. The students alerted villagers and soon, a mob of around 5,000 people attacked the Muslim residents of Vadavali village, ransacked dozens of homes and torched around 20 houses, vehicles and other properties.

A 25-year-old, Ibrahim Belim, was killed in the violence and at least five of the injured are said to be critical. Police said they fired more than seven rounds and lobbed dozens of tear gas shells to disperse the mob. Many Muslim of Vadavali village have fled to neighbouring villages and many have taken shelter at a medical college in the nearby Dharpur village.

A 20-year-old woman burnt alive

A 20-year-old woman was burnt alive in her village near Rajasthan’s Jodhpur on Sunday allegedly for protesting the cutting of trees. A revenue official is among 10 people named in an FIR or police complaint.

The police say the young woman, Lalita (20), had objected to the cutting of trees in her farm for the construction of a road near the village, around 100 km from Jodhpur. A group of villagers allegedly attacked her, poured petrol on her and set her on fire. She died in hospital this morning.

“The dispute was over a road, my sister was opposing it…they poured petrol on her and set her on fire,” said the woman’s brother, Vidyadhar.

Police officer Suresh Chaudhary told the news agency ANI: “The sarpanch and other people poured petrol on her and burnt her alive. The body is in the mortuary. We will arrest the accused soon, after a fair investigation.”

Dogs eat up patient in Madhya Pradesh govt hospital

BHOPAL: In yet another instance of healthcare horror in Madhya Pradesh,

A woman (Bismillah Khan, 70) had fallen ill at a religious fair in the district. She was brought to the Govt. hospital in Rajgarh by police and admitted for treatment, After few days she was missing from the hospital.

On March 22 some sanitation workers chanced upon the grisly remains when they went looking for the source of the stench that had been troubling patients and doctors for the past few days. “Only her head and some upper body parts were left. The rest had been eaten up by dogs”. It is not yet known if she was alive when the animals attacked. There were signs of the body being dragged five to seven feet through the undergrowth.

This is the fifth such incident in the Madhya Pradesh in less than 10 months.

  • June 2016, stray dogs had reportedly walked away with the body of a stillborn from the burns unit of the same MY Hospital.
  • December 2016, rats reportedly ate the eyes of a dead woman at the government run Hamidia Hospital in state capital Bhopal.

Atack on Nigerian students in UP, India

March 28: Greater Noida has numerous colleges and universities where thousands of foreign nationals study, has witnessed a spurt in racial violence against African nationals.

Case 1: Poster calling for Nigerian-free Greater Noida appeared at the site.

Case 2: A female student was inside a cab when some unidentified men pulled her out and started misbehaving. The men beat her up when she tried to shout out for help. She informed the police which took her to a local hospital.

Case 3: A mob thrashed four Nigerian nationals following the death of a teenager Manish Khari (19), who died of drug overdose. The Local residents protested allegeding that the boy was drugged by Nigerians. During protest on spotting some Africans at a shop, protesters started chasing and beating them. Another student was hidding in a trial room of a shop, to escape the mob. The attackers broke the door down, dragged them out and attacked with sharp objects. All of them were thrashed and sustained serious injuries to their heads, limbs and hands.

Police arrest protesting youngsters in Chennai and Coimbatore

In fear of Marina 2.0 Police arrested a group of youngsters who staging a demonstration on Marina Beach in Chennai and in Race Course area in Coimbatore in solidarity with farmers from the state who have been holding a protest in New Delhi since mid-March. The youngsters were also protesting the implementation of the hydrocarbon project in Pudukottai and nearby districts in the state.

TN farmer protest at Jantar Mantar enters 15th day

29th March, 2017 The protest by farmers from Tamil Nadu at the Jantar Mantar entered its 15th day on Tuesday, with leaders across the political spectrum offering their support to them. However, the Modi Govt. never carred about the poor farmers neither do the National media’s.

The poor farmers taught Modi will immediatly come and solve the problem, but didn’t. British rulers have heart then todays politicans. They tried all the tricks, no thier sound didn’t reach the deaf ears.

Dhoni Aadhar details on social media.

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Aadhaar details were made public by a Twitter handle of the Central Services Centre. The leak has raised the issue of privacy of individuals and security of data collected by the government for Aadhaar. The government has been on an overdrive to implement Aadhaar and link it to both welfare and non-welfare schemes in the country. But, it is a serious concern when personal information of an individual is not kept secure and leaked out in the public domain. Despite implementing advanced technological safeguards, a thing as simple as human error breached the security of Aadhaar. Perhaps the focus should be on ensuring complete safety to Aadhaar data, at the collection points as well as storage repositories, instead of showing urgency to impose it on citizens.

Furthermore, there are security loopholes which are continuously being flagged but instead of paying heed to them and resolving the issues, the government seems to be in denial. In recent reports, it was seen how people were able to gain more than one Aadhaar enrollment IDs. Social media is littered with posts, some claiming to be evidence, of more extensive security vulnerabilities or compromise of Aadhaar.

‘Pentagon was hacked, why not Aadhaar’: Chidambaram slams Jaitley

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