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CASE 1: ISRO spy case [1994]

On 15th Feb, 2017 India created a world record by successfully putting into orbit 104 satellites in a single mission.

Former ISRO scientist S Nambi Narayanan was instrumental in designing the system used in Chandrayaan, Mangalyaan and PSLV that launched 104 satellites in one go.

“There, they are using the same system that I worked upon and developed. But here, I am still fighting to get justice. I have wasted my 25 years,” - Nambi Narayanan

Narayanan’s career was ruined after the 1994 ISRO spying scandal made headlines.

[WHAT HAPPENED] : On October 20, 1994 Kerala police arrested Mariam Rasheeda - a Maldivian woman for overstaying in India, police later accused her of being involved in a sex-spy scandal.

Following this events Kerala police arrested ISRO Scientist S Nambi Narayanan. It was alleged that Rasheeda was the intermediary between the organisation and two more women. She was accused of passing on ISRO’S cryogenic programme secrets to the women, who in turn supplied the same to Russia and Pakistan’s ISI.

Two years later, the CBI cleared all the accused, who were discharged in May 1996. CBI also filed a closure report before the court.

But the culprits from police department with the help of kerala govt dismised the CBI investigation report and Kerala police was asked to hold a fresh inquiry.

In 1998, the Supreme Court quashed the state government’s decision. The apex court had in 1998 granted compensation of Rs 1 lakh to Narayanan and others who were discharged in the case and directed the state government to pay the amount.

Later, Narayanan had approached NHRC claiming compensation against the state government for mental agony and torture suffered by him. The NHRC, after hearing both sides and taking into account the apex court judgment of April 29, 1998 awarded an interim compensation of Rs 10 lakh on March 14, 2001.

However, a division bench reversed the order in March 2015, which Narayanan has challenged before the Supreme Court. His grievance is that despite the CBI probe indicting the police officers, the state has not taken any action against the errant police officials.

Today all the officers of Kerala police former DGP Siby Mathews and two retired Superintendents of Police, K.K. Joshua and S. Vijayan who illegaly setup the case are now retired and free, soon they we will be dead.

But the 75-year-old Former ISRO scientist S Nambi Narayanan, is fighting a case to get justice for fabricated spying case setup against him.

CASE 2: Sabarmati Express Blast [2000]

On the eve of Independence Day the night of August 14, 2000 Sabarmati Express was on its way from Muzaffarpur to Ahmedabad. When the train reached Barabanki the blast occured in a general compartment, killing 9 passengers and many injured. As usual special teams where setup and started invetigation.

The police team arrested Abdul Mobeen was arrested in 2000 from Aligarh and Gulzar Ahmed Wani on July 30, 2001 from Delhi.

The police alleged they arrested the two with explosives and incriminating materials. In report alleged that the accused had hatched a conspiracy in May 2000 at Habib Hall, AMU, to carry out a blast in the Sabarmati Express on August 14, 2000. Charges were framed against him in July 2001.

Folloing the that 11 cases were registered against Wani. Out of the 11 cases, he has been exonerated in 10 as he has either been acquitted or discharged by the court. In one case, Wani was convicted and sentenced to 10 years jail for carrying explosives to trigger a blast in Delhi. However, the Delhi High Court had suspended his sentence.

At the time of arrest

  • Gulzar Ahmed Wani (A native of Baramulla in Kashmir) was pursuing PhD in Arabic from Aligarh Muslim University.
  • Abdul Mobeen (resident of Sidharth Nagar, UP) was doing internship after Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery from AMU.

Finaly On April 27, 2017 The Supreme Court had granted bail to Wani in April this year, observing that he has suffered incarceration for over 16 years and has been acquitted in nine out of 11 cases.

the court noted that the investigating officer had failed to collect any evidence establishing criminal conspiracy against the accused. “The court also said that incarceration of the accused restrained their physical freedom, which damaged them economical and mentally

The court said that keeping in mind their qualifications, the state government should compensate both on the basis of average income of the people who have similar educational background. It also said the state government could claim the compensation from the concerned policemen if it finds it appropriate. Moreover, the state government was directed to take action against the policemen

We will forget them and this case, but it will be individuals fight to re-establish thier life in this world.

The question remain, what is the punishment for the police why set up fake charge againts them, what about those who plated the explosive in the train, the lost lifes, injuries, damges and so on.